December 08, 2005

Turkey Day Follow Up

So Turkey day was a wonderful success. We had so much fun this past weekend. Being down in Kentucky really made me realize how much I miss that area, and how much I miss our friends that are down there. Adam and Rachel’s baby Jude has grown so much. And he’s so fun to be around. I would give just about anything to find a job down there for me and Tom, move and start over. Not that the bad things would all go away, but it would be awesome to live down there again. Part of me feels like I’m just trying to run away from everything. But I also remember how much I enjoyed living down there, the people that live down there and I know how much I miss my friends. It seemed like Tom enjoyed being down there too, and I know he has some good friends there that he’d like to be able to see more often. Sometimes the whole “just four more years” thing is a little daunting and makes it feel like being in Columbus is a prison sentence.

November 08, 2005

It begins again

A blog again. I used to have an online journal of sorts, long before blogs became the rage. It documented most of my freshman year of college before I pulled it down. So I've jumped back onto the online bandwagon and am trying this again. I don't have a direction at this point. My desire is to express the thoughts, emotions, etc. that I experience daily, and to delve into my dreams, ideals, and hopes for the future.