May 19, 2006


Well we’re heading toward the last half of May, so I thought I’d check our progress on my Springtime Resolution. We’ve spent some money on eating out this month. But we’re hovering right around $160 for the month, whereas last month we were at about $430. So I definitely feel like we’ve made HUGE strides at decreasing that expenditure in our budget. I think if we just keep on the track we’re on, we’ll make it through this month and be able to head into June with the goal of knocking that amount down even more.

The hubby and I are doing much better than my last post too. I think that we’re both learning to start living for the here and now, not CONSTANTLY looking for what’s next up on our road. There’s room for improvement, but we’re getting there. I think we’re actually getting along better now than we ever have.

The house is still up for sale which is rather depressing to me, as is the fact that the house we want has now officially been priced out of what we can afford. So we’re trying to examine our options. We thought about seeing if we could rent the house we want for a year to pay down some of our debt, etc., but I’m not sure if that’s going to work because we would have to pay less than market value for rent, and I don’t feel ok about that. I’ve started looking at other houses that are on the market, but since our house appears to not be going anywhere anytime soon, I’m not really getting my hopes up. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m looking at those places that say they’ll buy any house in any condition for a fair price. Actually, I e-mailed one today, so we’ll see if they respond. I’m starting to wonder if this is God telling us that moving right now isn’t a good idea. I thought that everything was going to just line up and fall into place, and it’s far from having done that. Guess we’ll wait and see.