October 18, 2006

The Compact, consumerism, and curbing my buying desires...

I've been reading a couple different blogs recently - which isn't a new development in and of itself. The interesting component is that a group of them have recently centered around The Compact. I'm still researching and reading just about anything I can find about it. But from what I've read, it sounds like an admirable project that can range anywhere from the strictest rules against purchasing anything, to a slightly looser version that encourages you to moderate your purchases.

I get this kind of rush when I think about downsizing our current living situation. And the more I dwell on it, the more I feel downright disgusted with the fact that there are only two of us living in a four bedroom house (which still hasn't sold), and that we've managed in our almost 5 years of marriage to completely fill EVERY room in that house (and the basement) with stuff! Some of it most definitely has sentimental value, and would most likely be kept in the event that we downsize. Most of it, however, is the kind of crap that accumulates due to the fact that I'm a pack-rat, that I can't convince myself to pass up a "good deal," and are items that have stuck around long past their "expiration" date. Can someone please tell me why I'm still holding on to 2 corsages from high school prom?!??

My hope is to come up with some sort of moderated "rules" from The Compact to begin a cleansing of sorts. Obviously my first goal in this will be to not add stress to our already insane lives - which means that any implementation will have to wait until after Nov. 1, and can not be disruptive to Tom and his school schedule/needs. Stay tuned for more as I contemplate this lifestyle alteration.