February 21, 2007

Compact Update

Two posts in one day...hmm...

Ok - so I haven't been exactly perfect Compact wise. Here's the run down of purchases this year:

- 2 new litter boxes (chronicled before)
- 2 new cat food containers (see above)

- Refurbished Cuisinart rice cooker
- Used Braun Electric Water Kettle (which I'm in love with by the way!)
- 1 New pair Lane Bryant jeans (I went down a size!!)
- Pre-Ordered new Lindsey Davis book to be released in May 2007
- Pre-Ordered new Harry Potter book to be released this summer
- Arm band for my iPod shuffle - it was on clearance since they're not making
the style I have anymore
- New Maxtor 160gb external hard drive to back up our computer (We've
been considering this purchase for a long time)

So all in all - I think we're doing ok....not great....but ok. I am more committed to buckling down and not buying anything else, especially seeing as it's almost March and I'm proving more and more to myself that there are very few things I need. Now if we can only stop eating out so much!!!

More on the bag front

First I'd just like to say GO IKEA!!! Starting March 15th, Ikea stores will begin charging a five cent fee to customers for disposable plastic bags. Additionally, they're dropping the cost of their reusable bags from 99 cents to 59 cents. They're also donating the 5 cents they collect from each bag sale to American Forests - a conservation group.

I'm not sure how long this link will work, but here's the link to the article:


Additionally - I just read that Ireland is increasing it's tax on plastic bags from 15 euro cents to 22 euro cents. The tax is being raised in an effort to stem the rising apathy and continue it's success as a litter deterrent. The article is here:


Now - if only the mass American population would grab on to these ideas and run with them!!!