August 09, 2008


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So we decided to join a CSA this year. I spent a little time researching it, and finally settled on the New Century CSA in Circleville, Ohio. Aside from the awesome variety of veggies, what sold me on the idea completely was that one of the owners graduated from Asbury too - so I knew we were getting into this with good folks! :)

This picture is one weeks haul (minus the onions and bananas hiding in the back). I have been utterly amazed all summer at the quality of produce, the amount of variety and the TASTINESS of it all! We've experimented with all different kinds of veggies that we'd never have just bought at the store (i.e. okra) - and have definitely settled into a good habit of eating lots and lots of veggies. I am going to be very sad when the season ends. Good thing there's like 8 weeks left!

The best part is that it ended up being like $14 a week - which is far less than we would have spent buying all these goodies at the store!!

August 08, 2008

Chaco's - YAY!

I've had my Chaco Chong sandals since our honeymoon over 6 years ago. And as soon as the weather breaks every spring, they become my "worn-most-often" pair of shoes. I was saddened recently when I discovered that I was finally beginning to wear through the soles. I was, however, EXTREMELY happy to find that I could just ship them back to Chaco and have them resoled! The footbeds and the straps have plenty of life left in them, and now it's like I have a brand new pair!!! I am slightly sad that the company has moved all of its production to China, but they do their repairs at their facility in CO, which is pretty cool. So even though I'm wearing "made in China" soles on my "made in Colorado" Chaco's - I'm ok with it. I saved them from going into the landfill!!! And now that they're back from being repaired, I'm on the hunt for another pair on ebay to offer new life to them as well - so maybe I won't wear these out quite so quickly...not that 6 years is quick, but a girl's got to have options!