June 04, 2007

Retail Angst

So today starts the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale - something I have grown to look forward to since my obsession with their products started in high school. The problem is - aside from the compact - what is the point of spending $5.00 (on sale) for one bottle of shower gel that will last little more than a month?? And WHY on earth am I excited about this sale?? When I can rationally say that $5 is too much to spend on a chemical laden, fake smelling product, why is it that there's this intense desire to run up at lunch and buy something?? Then, there are the other items, like wallflowers and lotions and body sprays. All at well over $5 a piece. And all not good for me, or my household.

So - my resolve is being tested today. I haven't exactly been 100% compact friendly these past couple months - between travelling for work and needing a suitcase, to preparing for vacation and realizing that I have VERY few summer clothes. But I re-resolve myself. I will not go to B&BW today. I will not buy shower gels, and wall flowers, and body sprays - OH MY! :) Instead, I will concentrate on weeding those things out of my house and replacing them with good for me, all natural, REAL smelling alternatives!

Deep (all natural) breaths - this too shall pass....