December 07, 2006

Deep Breaths - it's not too late....

OK - I've started finding myself in the panic over what I'm going to get for everyone for Christmas. Even though I've already managed to get gifts for most everyone on my list. It's really a bizarre feeling - like what I've got planned isn't going to be enough, so I need to buy more, more, more... I definitely do not like this feeling.

I feel like my hope of "making a statement" with my Christmas gifts is slowly fading in the bright and shiny light of consumerism run amok. My plans of making everyone a soy candle have now blossomed into a soy candle paired with this, or that, or that other thing. Most of what I'm thinking of pairing the soy candle with is pretty cool - OK even better - it's really neat. I got coffee from Grounds for Change and some of their canvas bags, so a couple people will be getting some GREAT coffee with their candle, packaged in a reusable bag. Now if I can only get them to actually use the bag... And as for the rest of them, they'll be getting their gifts wrapped in Wrap Sacks. But somehow, I'm feeling a little guilty for buying all of this - even in it's reusable, good for the earth, sustainable shininess.

Hmm.... This is definitely a dilemma to ponder.