January 03, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

I'm taking a page out of my friend Rachel's blog and attempting to document my New Year's Resolutions. They're nothing much really, but I'm hoping that by at least putting them in writing that it will serve as motivation when the year starts to lag.

1. Spend more time devoted to God, going to church, and in a quiet time.

2. Keep the rooms clean that are already clean, and clean the rooms that need cleaned - then keep them all cleaned!

3. Find a new job - at least to the extent that I have any control over it.

4. Diminish our debt load as much as possible and make smart shopping/spending decisions.

5. Continue learning about organic food and healthy lifestyle decisions.

6. Continue to eat healthy and get back into the habit of working out daily.

7. Keep working on building my relationship with my husband, and working to be a Godly wife for him.

So that's definitely plenty I think. All of them are important, and I truly hope that by the end of the year I've made a successful attempt at all of them.


Rachel said...

Those sound great! Maybe we should be "New Year's Resolution Buddies" so we can keep them! ;-)

Natalie said...

Absolutely! Now if I can only remember to ask you about them somtimes! :)