December 19, 2006

On Canvas Bags, Reusable Mugs, and The Compact

I had my first victory this past weekend with remembering to take my canvas bag to the grocery store! Granted, I was just running in for a few baking items to go to Cincinnati to bake with a friend, but I remembered to grab the bag on the way out the door, and wasn't ashamed one bit to put my few purchases in it at the self-check out. Of course, it probably would've taken more nerve to actually go through a line and have someone else ring up my purchase, but I was in a hurry, and the line was short. My DH is going shopping today, though, so I'm sure there will be more plastic bags in the house. We will still have to get some every now and then though, because I use them when I clean out the cat litter boxes.

I've also started carrying a stainless steel mug for tea with me. It's one that the DHs job gave him. I had to go through our cabinet carefully to find one that wasn't lined with plastic. The lid on this one is plastic, but the entire interior is stainless steel. So far I've done pretty good with taking it with me from home and using it at work. I've even started using a real spoon at work instead of the plastic-ware that our office supplies. It's all about small steps.

Speaking of small steps - I'm thinking of taking a great big one. My baking buddy mentioned that she and her husband were thinking of starting The Compact on Jan. 1st. I'm thinking I might just join her. I'm going to spend some time next week (when I'm off from work) evaluating my options, and looking at what we need to lay as ground work and rules for this adventure. The DH is skeptical, but I'm on board. We'll see if I can convince him or not.

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