January 24, 2007

Disposable Clothes

Here is a link to an interesting article regarding clothing and how quickly styles change:


It's unfortunate that our culture has gotten to the point where dispensable clothing is something that we are proud of, excited about, and willing to buy into. Personally, I know for a fact that I have clothes that are as old as or older than my little sister (she's 14). I'm not particularly rough on clothing (minus my never ending battle to get food into my mouth and not on my shirt), but I would like to think that purchases I make are going to be sound decisions, eco-friendly, and long lasting. That is, when/if I start purchasing new again....

Oh yea - Compact update - still haven't bought anything. But going to the grocery store has turned into quite the exciting event!

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Rachel said...

Way to go on not buying anything! I haven't bought anything new, but I did buy Jude two used Caillou (a show on PBS) books at Half Price Books today. Other than that, though, I have bought any stuff. Just the occassional Starbucks coffee (since the don't have anything else around here anymore!).

As for the article: Like you, I've had clothes I've had for *years* like since high school. I've always had a "classic" style, so I feel it doesn't go *out* of style to quickly. I've bought new jeans every now and then (like when the ones from high school stopped fitting!), and I get clothes for birthdays and Christmases. Now that I'm compacting, I'm not looking to buy clothes and if I need something I head to the consignment or thrift stores first. I also like the idea of buying eco-friendly clothes that are well-made by people who are getting paid a fair wage if I do need something new. Though, even the clothes I've bought very cheaply in the past have held up pretty well. I guess I'm easy on them. The worst clothes I've had are the few shirts I've bought from Victoria's Secret. They are very poorly made. My best clothes are from LL Bean.

(This is a long comment! :-))