March 20, 2007


I've been on a little bit of a retail therapy bender this past week. While I'd like to attribute it to the stress of losing a friend, I'm mostly just sick of not having the ability to buy the things we've been thinking about buying for a long time and haven't. So this week I used the money my dad sent me for Christmas to buy a refurbished Dyson (refurbished is compact friendly right??) , a used Vera Bradley bag (used = compact friendly too!), a book off amazon (used) and 2 things of Bare Escentuals eye shadow/liner (new, but still compact friendly in that I'm going to be getting rid of all the PILES of make up that I never use). So it's not horrible, but it's not great.

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Sarah said...

I didn't even realize that you could comment on blogs, until I stumbled across the comment you left me weeks ago. Thanks for enlightening me! I wish I would have read your comment sooner... although, our idea of "super cheap" for cars might be slightly different!

I'm also impressed that you're sticking with the compact, especially this time of year. For some reason spring brings out the shopper in me (as does fall...which probably relates way back to purchasing school clothes or something).