February 02, 2008

The War is Raging

It's been a while since I've posted. And this is going to be a break from the usual eco-friendly battle I've been waging. I didn't want to post sooner, for fear of reprisals in the area to be discussed. If at any point I'm vague, and you want more details, please send me a message, and I'll see what I can do.

By now, hopefully, you've all heard about the violence that has and continues to erupt in Kenya. While the US media tends to brush this under the rug (don't get me started), it is very real, and many many lives are being lost, disrupted, and put in jeopardy. While I hold my own views as to why these events are not being covered daily, or even hourly, by our lovely media outlets - I think it's pretty much summed up in this - What does Kenya give to the US? What interests do we have there? There is no oil, they're not exporting "valuables" to us, and the long and the short of it is - they're poor.

The background for this post is this - I worked with someone in the late 90's who was from Kenya. He is a terrific man of God. We lost touch for a while, but a year or so ago I got back in touch with him. He is now married, has a beautiful 7 year old, and is serving at a mission through a recognized international mission agency. The project is geared towards AIDS orphans, as well as providing training and livlihoods for young adults in the region. This project is in the heart of where the violence is taking place, and while, so far, their losses have been material only, those serving there are putting themselves in harms way daily.

My friend risked his life to transport his wife and daughter into neighboring Uganda. I do not tell you this for the oohs and aahs about his bravery. I tell you this so you can understand the gravity of the situation there. So you can understand his heartache at being separated from his family to continue serving Jesus in a very troubled nation, and serving people that so desperately need Jesus. So you can see that this is not temporary - but that the violence continues, and people's lives are being drastically changed.

The point of this post is this - get on your knees and pray about this. Look up information for yourselves about what's going on there. I'm standing firmly with my friend in the belief that as Luke 18:27 says: And he said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” KJV. God is waiting to move in Kenya - in fact, I'm convinced He already is moving. We need to remain faithful to those who are putting themselves in the path of this destruction to continue to serve the weakest, those who need him most. We can not, like our media, brush this aside and pretend that it doesn't exist. IT DOES. The violence is real. The destruction is real. Those who are in the midst of it are real. Not just figments of our imagination, half a world away.

Now - for my "apology" - I, in no way, wish to detract from the many things that those of you are praying for. I, in no way, wish to minimize the plights of others in different parts of this world. Kenya is on my heart, and it's on my heart to get as many people as possible praying for the people there. So please do not be offended at my request.

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Rachel said...

Email me a let me know if there is any source online that has more info than the mainstream media about Kenya. I'll probably forget to check back here so that's why I want you to email.

I'll be praying, too.