April 28, 2006

Springtime Resolutions

I was reading on my friend Rachel's blog and found it hilarious that she and Adam are taking the same challenge that Tom and I are for the month of May - spending no money except on groceries and bills! :) Apparently great minds think a like!

We've started clearing out a lot of the junk in our house, and have come up with PILES of garbage to get rid of. I've got about 5 bags of clothing to donate, and a few select items that I've been putting up on ebay and giving to friends. So far, so good. It's rather cathartic to get rid of all this crap that's litterally clouded our entire home. At this point, even if it doesn't sell, our house will be a much better place to live! Even our animals are behaving better - knock on every piece of wood I can find! We even found a way to re-hang our storm door on the other side, so that it's firmly attached to the door frame and if the wind catches it, it will be closing it, not breaking the hinges! So that saved us quite a bit of money.

I'm still terrified that our house isn't going to sell. Our realtor e-mailed me yesterday and said that the houses in our neighborhood are averaging 6 months to sell. That's not bad in the grand scheme of things, but considering that we know where we want to go, and I don't want to make Gret's dad wait that long, it's not very good news. I talked to one of our neighbors last night and she said that theirs has been on the market for over a year. I personally think it's priced too high, but it does have a finished basement and a really nice deck, so who knows. I'm trying very hard to just have the faith that God will bring us the right buyer at the right time with the right amount of money!

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Rachel said...

It really is good for the soul to clean stuff out and get organized. I've done that quite a bit lately and I *still* feel like we have lots to get rid of. Baby steps... :-)