April 19, 2006


Our house is officially up for sale! :) We still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do, but for the most part, we're ready to go. There's a little "New Listing" sign in our front yard. I'm really excited - extremely nervous, but really excited. I hope that it sells quickly and for what we're asking, so that we can get out of it without owing anything, and I hope that we will qualify for a new loan to get the house we’re looking at.

I know that if we don’t get the house we want, we’ll find something, but this house would be perfect. It’s my best friend’s dad’s house, and it’s about 10 minutes from where both of us work. It’s closer to all our friends and all the places we go to hang out, grocery shop, etc. Plus the bike trail is less than a block away, so we could go ride a lot. I’ll post pictures of our house soon.

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Rachel said...

That's great, Natalie! Good luck! I hope you are able to sell it quickly and things go smoothly for you!