July 07, 2007

Ho hum thoughts and other musings

OK - so the hybrid car idea is on hold. At least for now. We're finding ourselves in the position to pay off a large portion of our debt, and don't want to take on another car payment. OK, so maybe "pay off" is the wrong term. We're consolidating really, and in the long run we're going to be able to pay off this loan much faster than our current debts. And with a little hard work, this will enable us to put a good spending plan in place to not run that debt back up. Of course this is all in theory, but I think at this point we're really committed to making it work.

Our electric bill went up last month - as expected, since our A/C has been on more and more since our summer is heating up so nicely. My hope is to get back to the point where we were turning it off at night and opening up the house since it was getting down into the 60's, and then closing the house up in the morning before the heat really kicked in. That seemed to keep the A/C from running constantly, and seemed to actually keep the house cooler at night. The problem really is the humidity, but we can deal with that as long as the air is moving.

On a completely alternate thought path - I woke up this morning with a very fresh feeling, and a very high determination to start minimizing the amount of stuff in our house (I know, I've said this before). We walked through a house in Wilmore this past week that we really liked, and it's really gotten me to think about how much we have, and how much we could stand to get rid of. Not too mention the hope that at some point (hopefully sooner than later) we'll be downsizing our living arrangement and will need to get rid of a lot of the clutter. Cross your fingers!

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