July 28, 2007


I've learned how to knit in the round, using circular needles and using double point needles. My first project was a "one skein" hat using artful yarns candy yarn. I think it's a pretty good first effort!

Candy Hat 1a

Then I tried again with a yarn that's made from hemp, cotton and modal. It's called Hempathy. I used the same pattern, but knitted it holding two strands (one of each color):

Hempathy Hat 1

Then, I altered the pattern a little bit, starting it smaller, still using Hempathy and this is what I came up with:

Hempathy Hat 2

If you know anyone who's expecting and would like me to knit a hat for them, just comment on here, and we'll work out the details. Prices will vary depending on the yarn! :) I can also do baby blankets, "car seat" blankets (smaller blankets for travel), and other various items.

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